Our Proprietary Technology

Building – Developing – Remodeling

We are a fully integrated manufacturer of ultra-energy efficient building components from the foundation and footing to the roof. Our technology addresses every aspect of the building process and approaches each area with true building science.

We are honored to bring this comprehensive building science, to the residential construction market. Our State of the Art products, building techniques, and factory direct low cost uniquely position us to offer the MOST ENERGY EFFICENT affordable homes ever built.

Our focus for over 40 years has been customer advocacy with a hands-on approach to building science.   The mission has been a holistic mindset, asking questions and challenging the conformity of the antiquated ways of home building.    

If you’re re-modeling, we can give you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve an energy efficient foot print and help you lower your utility bill by up to 70%.

Our proprietary technology has resulted in the lowest costs, most efficient home packages unlike any other. 

A traditional mortgage takes 30 years to re-pay.  Money saved from ultra-low energy consumption could pay off your mortgage in as little as 18.8 years.

Our homes are stronger, safer and build up to 25% faster than traditional built homes.

Our ultra-efficient technology and building components can be shipped anywhere in the world and site constructed.

Additional Benefits

  • Home packages to choose from or customize your own!
  • ULTRA-LOW ELECTRIC BILL – as low as .03 sq ft/month
  • Builds up to 25% faster. 
  • Great for the do-it-yourselfer – Eliminates need for expertise
  • Consulting services are available to address and attain your goals in home building.

  • If you are a builder, designer, remodeler, developer, or simply want to build your own home; we have the right combination and results you are looking for.​