Drywall and Finish

Drywall and Finish

Drywall is hung and finished.  Our ATTIC INSULATION is applied.  Rooms are separated and divided, giving you the visual effect of each space.


Outside brick, stone and/or siding are installed; and your home site is graded for drainage and to prepare for the driveway, patios, walks.

The finishing phase is probably one of the most exciting phases. This is when you and/or your GC installs kitchen and bath cabinetry, countertops, mirrors, interior doors and trim, and many other detail features. Kitchen appliances and flooring are installed, and both the interior and exterior of your home are painted.

Plumbing hardware, such as faucets, shower-heads, commodes, are installed. Switch plates, plug covers, and light fixtures are put into place, as are your thermostat.  Your yard is finish-graded, seeded or sodded.

This is generally an anxious time for many homeowners. Your home construction process is nearing completion and you are awaiting a finish date.