Our Approach

Our goal is to inspire Energy Independence among our Nations people. The founders of America believed that we had a right to be free from foreign forces. We want our customers to know there is a CHOICE when it comes to energy consumption and cost.

Before utility bills, homes were built basically the same as they are built today; 2 x 4 stud walls, empty attics full of un-used space, and musky, damp crawl spaces.  These are a thing of the past with our home package.

Our proprietary technology has resulted in the lowest costs, most efficient home packages unlike any other. 

Our Story

As a teen, the founder worked for an insulation company, which motivated him through a new quest in achieving energy efficiency…always questioning and pushing to move beyond the norm.

In 1996, he began working on a concept of having a site built, off-grid, ALL ELECTRIC home that would address the concerns.  In 2000, the concept became a reality with the implementation of many of the required concepts to drastically reduce the demand of consumption. In 2005, models were constructed, data collected, and verifiable scientific research completed; to determine, net zero homes, offices and buildings could be designed and constructed.

Realizing the opportunity, he put together a list of engineering specifications required to create a practicable, holistic, energy envelope, with a national distribution network, to finally make it deliverable, available and affordable. 

In 2007, the first homes were constructed in Texas and Oklahoma.  Today, he has seen 1000’s net zero homes built all around the country.  He is most proud, of the success in numbers, but is extremely disappointed in the affordability side and that the all-electric concept is not used 100% of the time.

In 2012, a plan was launched to bring “Affordable”, all electric, net zero energy homes to everyone, at a price that would literally pay for themselves with the energy savings alone, within an average of 18.8 years.  With this all-in place, the dream of a new home, designed, built, and constructed, TO YOUR specifications is now a reality.  In fact, the business model is about 40% lower than the national average of building a Net Zero home.

The Rest is history…

The impact on the environment, cleaner air, cleaner water, and a healthier planet.  This is the responsibility that should be viewed and held by all.  Although, we see small improvements, much more has to be done.  Making this affordable permits greater participation.  Imagine, a home paying for itself with the money you currently pay the utility company.  Building quick, “move in ready” (90-120 days), to your specifications with your design and details to meet your needs.